When will Crypto Tree launch the Crypto Advisor app?
Crypto Tree will launch the Crypto Advisor App in Q1 2020. The Beta Phase will start in the end of 2019 though.
Who can get access to the Beta Version of the Crypto Advisor app?

Everyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies, offers a service, pushing adoption of cryptocurrencies, or already accepts cryptocurrencies as form of payment.

What systems will the Crypto Advisor app support?
The Crypto Advisor app will support any android or ios device. You will find the Crypto Advisor in the corresponding app stores.
How can I cooperate with the Crypto Advisor? I want to be a part of it!
If you think you or your project has synergies with the Crypto Advisor, feel free to get in contact with us via advisor@cryptotree.info!
How about the pricing? (spoiler: it's free!)
As a user you can use the app totally free. Simply download it and start finding crypto accepting venues.

As a merchant you can list your shop or business also completely for free. A certain fee is only required by using our marketing tool or other services.

In which areas will the Crypto Advisor be available?
The Crypto Advisor app will be available in Europe first.

Our goal is to become active globally as soon as possible, so everyone in the world will have the simple opportunity to look for crypto accepting venues.